The Freshman

This is the story of the Freshman.

When you’re younger you tend to grab what you’re told not to touch, and that’s exactly what I did in this situation; oh and how it bit me in the ass.

It was July of 2016, when I met the freshman during a college orientation session I was volunteering for under my programs Director. At first I despised the Freshman, because my first impression of him was that he was this narccistic asshole.

Fast forward to two months, where I was working as a Resident Assistant at my university in a freshman residence hall. I was to soon discover that this narccissist in the same program as me was to live in the same building that I worked and lived in. I always tend to base a person off of their second impression, and he seemed like an okay dude at the time. I figured, hell why not befriend this guy.

A few weeks into the semester we’re both dealing with the natural anxieties of a new academic year, and he messages me on FB messenger confessing this crush on that he has for me. I was quite lonely at the time, so I said the feelings were mutual, and soon enough we started hanging out everyday growing closer and closer.

That same weekend was the time where we decided to just jump into dating, oh was that a great choice. We also had sex for the first time, daytime, lights on. The Freshman was about 5’8”, average body build, looked like he used to work out with his figure, nice ass, and oh boy was I completely in when he build his pants down.

Apparently I made a face upon him pulling his pants down, so he laughed and jokingly said, “Wasn’t expecting it to be that big?” Not gonna lie, it was one of the biggest dicks I had the pleasure of getting fucked by. It was perfect in length, at least 8 inches and circumcised. The girth on that thing was perfect, and he was trimmed pretty damn well to my liking.

I forgot condoms, and we both agreed to only fuck with protection. I began to think what do I do? Then I realized oh right, I’m an RA, and I have an endless supply of condoms to hand out to residents. I hop off the bed, open a draw and grab the condoms that were supposed to be for my residents and tossed one to him.

No amount of music was gonna be able to hide what we we’re doing behind that closed door, in that incredibly small dorm room. Oh, and we all know that song Dick 2 Bomb, and well his dick was bomb as fuck. We continued fucking in that tiny dorm room, as well as his room, for another month and a half before we ended up parting ways in probably the ugliest “breakup” I’ve ever experienced.

There was a time, in between when we were good and when we went sour, that I was able to fuck him. I mean we are both versatile, so why the fuck not. I don’t get to top often because of my size, so dudes tend to see me and want to immediately be the top. However when I am the one doing the fucking, I tend to be one of the most self conscious tops out there.

I began to think, does this feel good? Am I doing this right? Is he enjoying this? I asked myself that last question only because he’s the type of guy to fake moaning. Oh, and so was Sprouts; don’t worry there’s a queued post for him too.

Anyways, the sex was phenomenal, well when I was being fucked at least. I’m not so sure of my performance, since I don’t get to top too often. I’m sure if the Freshman ever reads this it will definitely boost his ego higher than it already is, and only further his narcissistic behaviors and attitude.

Overall, because of the Freshman I had lost friends, my sanity, and overall my purpose; all because I put a narccissist’s dick above all else. The lesson to be taken out of this, is that you never want to put a narcissist’s needs, wants, whatever above your own, your friends, and those closest to you. He will pull you down further then you have ever gone.


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